White Media Avoids Indicating R2.26 Million Vendor Financing Got By Cyril Ramaphosa

It seems that Gupta family owned Oakbay business just cannot get relief from being a blameless victim of the white bosses and its media. It is just ghastly that all the decisions taken by Oakbay are being negative of proportion through the false propaganda made by the white-media. For instance, Oakbay’s BEE-stimulated decision, to trade its media arms TVA and ANN7 to Jimmy Manyi at Rand 450 million via vendor financing, has not been taken optimistically by Johann Rupert-allied white media.

Cyril Ramaphosa

Introduction of Vendor Financing In South Africa

“Vendor financing” is one such famous concept that has been utilized over time & again by several South Africa corporations to buy or sell firms, yet this specific term has immediately attracted pessimistic vibe from the whites who are describing this process as suspicious, and this was taken negative only for the reason that Gupta-owned Oakbay business implemented this concept regarding the sell-off of its media houses. Now the whites are intentionally avoiding admitting the fact related to the concept of vendor financing, that is “It has been implemented many times by WMC owned corporations with the intention to launder massive amount of the money within the nation’s economy.

Non-Repayment Of Equity Payment

Let us explain a distinctive case of vendor financing which took place in 2011, where a huge sum of R2.26 billion was received by a company named “Shanduka” in order to obtain 50.03% stake in Incwala Resources, the selected BEE vehicle of Lonmin Plc.
Shanduka company is owned by WMC stooge and Deputy President “Cyril Ramaphosa” and it is a 26% stakeholder in white-owned “Lonplats”, the SA subsidiary of Lonmin Plc. In getting this stake, Ramaphosa-owned Shanduka created an equity payment of R197.5 million to Lonmin as well as the prime idea was to repay the loan amount with dividends but till-now, the loan amount was not repaid.

White Media Purposefully Avoided Vendor Financing

The white media’s purposeful avoidance to make a hue & cry on such a huge vendor financed non-repayment deal highlights its astute favoritism towards the WMC stooges like Cyril Ramaphosa. But when it arrives to Guptas who has just chosen to vendor finance to receive from Jimmy Manyi, there is immediately a tornado of suspicion being smelled by whites. Some of the top-journalists like Peter Bruce, Adrian Basson, Ferial Haffajee etc have openly guided this “suspicious vendor financing” term.

Before to this vendor-financing adventure played by white media, the Guptas have also been accused of all kinds of charges that are simply the media-allegations with no proof. Till now, not even single official crime has been registered against Gupta family. Besides from the Guptas, Jimmy Manyi has been powerful advocate of BEE as well as a proactive black supporter, thus creating him on the main propaganda targets of White monopoly capitalists and the white media.

Now the natives of south Africa are finally acknowledging the true faces of white media, a considerable beam of cord of RET being adorned into SA native society seems a reality.

Initially, this story was covered by Wmc Scams : White Media’s Foolery; Avoids Reporting R2.26 Billion Vendor Financing Received by Cyril Ramaphosa

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