White Media Authenticity Proved Fake On Consequent ‘Mea Culpa By M&G’ To PRASA

The White Media has presumed the mantra of “State Capture” even participated in spreading fake and unauthentic propaganda’s to secure its owners and all high profile white stooges in the forms of publicity – White Monopoly Capital. The Same situation was carried again and again when The Mail and Guardian ran a campaign called “Smear Campaign” spread crusade of “State Capture” against Passenger Railway Agency of South Africa (PRASA). Soon the whole WMC supported white media robots joined the temporary fad of phony news, looking like a whole herd of sheep following the lead of the sheep at the bleeding edge, bleating counterfeit charges of state catch. For that reason, it was falsely published in all versions of the daily papers alleging that PRASA had granted a state contract to a Chinese bank worth R57 billion without prior board endorsement. The cartel of white media undertakings shared this false news crosswise over stages and media vehicles dishonestly claiming to have uncovered a scandal.

Mail and Guardian Fake News

All White Media Run a Campaign to Spread Fake Propaganda

In order to protect its owners, White Media spreads propaganda. For the whites to continue their functions without any disturbance, they blindly support the White Capitalists. The shocking fake news circulated across South Africa by Mail & Guardian and the white media cartel  was about “state capture” in PRASA, demonstrates that the whole spread crusade of false assertions of “state capture” in Eskom and Transnet against the Gupta family is a deliberate and arranged movement to feign battle based on a bundle of lies.

No sooner had the fake news of state capture in PRASA appeared that one of the white media journos, Ferial Haffajee, without going to know the truth. Ferial completely sidelined like other white media supporters when she was questioned that How Guptas had captured the state when they don’t even own 1% of the economy and WMC controls the 90% of the economy including land. Any business which isn’t white will be demolished as they have obliterated the Gupta organizations. Lies and criticism are developing by the white media to bolster us, with the goal that the economy stays in white hands!

One of the perceptions, that don’t hold water in the scenery of white media’s false claims, is R57 billion arrangement of PRASA, who has not signed the deal with a Chinese bank. This is completely clear in the outcome of the mea culpa by the Mail and Guardian that says a lot of the low-quality benchmarks and a certain absence of trustworthiness that the white media journalists have about their profession. The Mail and Guardian have in its corrigendum introduced an extremely obscure articulation referring to “over-reliance on other publications.”

Thought processes Behind White Media’s Fake News against the Guptas and Jacob Zuma


  • The white media is supported by vast WMC partnerships and sidekicks and does its best to serve its backers. By claiming state capture against The Guptas with regards to Eskom and Transnet, the white media intends to find rivalry and force a monetary bar on The Guptas by discoloring their corporate picture and prodding banks to solidify the ledgers of The Guptas.
  • The white media is all around served by vested political interests like the Democratic Alliance that has joined into a shrewd collusion with WMC companies and worldwide money related capital endeavors force progression of the economy to encourage add up to the colonization of South Africa.

In the last analysis, it is apparent that the white media and the WMC campaign are forcing huge expenses on the South African economy and lessening its image value as a goal for FIIs. The uncovering of false news production and false mud slinging on SOEs, The Guptas, PRASA, CEO Lindikhaya Zide, Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi and the President Jacob Zuma, has demonstrated that it is the white media-WMC nexus alone that is in charge of the credit downsizing of South Africa.

Initially, this story was covered by Wmc Leaks : White Media’s Authenticity Being Questioned On Consequent ‘Mea Culpa By M&G’ To PRASA

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