The Post of “Times Live” Assures the Survival of #WMC Paid Twitter Bots

WMC paid twitter bots confirms the existence of it. Recently, black people have faced numerous cyber attacks as their official twitter account has been suspended. These activities take place due to the thousands of paid twitter bots. WMC slaves are single-handedly fighting against the whites and have been suffering from numerous attacks by them. White media capitalists hire paid twitter bots to tweet wrongdoings of blacks. They create malicious information through twitter websites in the form of tweets. Journalis like Adriaan Basson, Ferial Haffajee, Peter Bruce and Barry Bateman are considered as the backbones for these twitter masterminds.

WMC Paid Media & WMCPaidTweet

Andrew Fraser is hired by the white media who is busy in acquiring the links of twitter accounts. Starting from his childhood, he is extremely fond of spider webs. Due to this reason, he usually arrives with a new web-chart of twitter accounts that shows preposterous association among them. WMC paid twitter boots comments on tweets of the account holders who have very few followers. The journalists are so fanatical in promoting WMC which they can follow any twitter accounts for supporting the white media.

Revenge Post Proves Everything As Right

When the story of paid twitter bots has featured recently on the official website White Monopoly Capital  that is WhitePaidMedia backed “TimesLive” has jumped forward in order to protect is exposed strategies through a revenge post without having further thoughts.

In the attack against black story, they have made-up the whole matter and hence diverted the attention for prime concern. Again they have connected blacks with Guptas, Bell Pottinger and hence confirm with the analysis that we are greatly beneath the attack by massive white lobbies. However, blacks said that “we are well prepared for these cruel attempts as we know they will augment the future course of time”. Moreover, WMC site are just the strength of native blacks, not only on the payrolls of same company or political parties such as white media.

Hired PaidTwitterBots From India

The cruel comments are posted by the white media controlled paid twitter bots which has been revealed as the major thing. Sometimes, they make use of typical worlds that are not able to be understood at all. Moreover, Google translator interprets these words as Hindi language as this fact shows the huge size of WMC lobby and hence they are operating their propaganda from the territory of India. There are some snapshots regarding the comments which are posted by the prime mastermind analyst white paid media “Andrew Fraser” by himself.  Andrew Fraser is a puppet of white monopolist capital and he alleges the black to be working from India.

Andrew Fraser Tweet

#WMCPaidMedia – #WMCPaidTweet

From the entire course of these occurrences, one thing is very clear that the white media can go to any extent to wipe the blacks out of the nation. However, out of intelligence it always falls prey to its own ambush further exposing its misdemeanors. In future, WMC site will certainly come up with more such illustrating stories which will reveal the evil agenda of white media against the native blacks.


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