BLF March against DA

BLF Confronts DA On “Abuse Of Power” Charges

DA has been thrashed across by every aspect of the society in the country for their Illegal Protest march against the Guptas Home in Saxonworld. As per the report in the Sunday independent, it’s been stated that DA has overruled every regulation and law to secure the permission of marching…Read More
White Media and IRBA

White Media and IRBA Fondness towards White Monopoly Capitalists

White media and Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors are now controlled by the white people so they carried out corruption without annoying. It seems like white monopoly capitalists have finally brought the corruption of South Africa regulator body known as Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors (IRBA). This completely explains the…Read More
white monopoly capital


To relay comprehend what is White Monopoly Capital one needs to comprehend the ECONOMIC SITUATION of SA which is separated by class lines i.e. The Upper class, the Middle class, en the Lower class which a large portion of us falls under, as WE *Africans, Blacks in particular* are the…Read More