PravinGordhan Case

Gordhan loses explanatory case against Oakbay

Finally, the justice has been there for all the offenses, Pavin Gordhan (Former Finance Minister) and his white bosses had done with respect to the unusual conclusion of Oakbay’s bank accounts over the significant 4 banks which include Nedbank, ABSA, Standard Bank and FNB. As per Fin24, the decision has been…Read More
White Monopoly Capital

South Africa is on High Risk due to Banking Dispute

The charm of Sub-Saharan Africa seems to lose its enthusiasm and hence no money seems to roll in. moreover, the foreign direct investment also decreased greatly in the previous year to U.S. $4.7 billion, placing it beyond Mozambique ‘s $5.1 billion, Nigeria on $8.6 billion and Egypt with $14.5 Billion.…Read More