EFF and DA

DA and EFF, Violent Attack Against Blacks In Lenasia

South Africa, a country where White-black fight is more than the people living in the country. People, over there, are fighting for their rights, their jobs, their food and now for their land too. Lenesia, formerly racially-segregated Indian township south of Soweto in Gauteng Province, South Africa. It is part…Read More
EFF Attacks BLF Members

EFF Aggressively Attacks BLF Members of West Rand Secretary

Basetsana Sekete-Regional woman leader of BLF west range along with other BLF members was apparently cruelly attacked during a membership recruitment campaign which was performed by the movement in Mohlakeng Extension 4 at Randfontein. The article titled “BLF west rand secretary assaulted by EFF” that was published earlier in the…Read More