Stephen Kosseff: The Corrupt Banking Face behind Cyril Ramaphosa

Paradise papers leak has certainly worked as an eye opener for a lot of thinking minds across the globe and even in the context of South Africa, it did expose a lot of Corrupt “wolves” lying under the skin of sheep. Stephen Koseff, the man behind Investec and the so called asset management guru, is one of the many names who have been found guilty of money laundering and tax abuse. Lets take a brief look into the reality of this banker in reference to a story published on website, Black opinion which goes as follows:

Stephen Kosseff

“The Jewish banker is feared but also loved by many.Currently implicated in the Paradise Papers tax haven international scandal with Shanduka, Koseff and his executive continue to be the highest paid manager’s in the country.

The man behind Ramaphosa and Investec has been implicated in so many corporate scandal’s, it is difficult to mention all of them. Investec has also invested a lot of money on legal services in anticipation of any litigation against them.

Under Koseff, Investec was found guilty by the Competition Commission for having manipulated the rand, a matter which was initially brought to light by Kevin Wakeford but ignored by former President, Former Minister of Finance and Reserve Bank Governor, Tito Mboweni. Investec, KPMG & Gerrie Nel were also in the forefront of the persecution against Jackie Selebi who was believed to have received bribes from Agglioti via Brett Kebble, even though it was Investec and KPMG that benefitted more than a billion from Kebble’s shenanigans.

Koseff also sits as a director at Bidvest, Shanduka’s partner.As an asset management company Investec has been able to provide billions from the PIC to Bidvest, enabling it to capture markets and stifle competition.In fact, the Paradise Papers, which implicate Shanduka and Investec in the Mozambique tax haven business deal, shows that PIC money was used to fund the project.Investec is also implicated in the 2016 Panama “Tax Haven” Papers.

Just like the 2003 Brenhurst Initiative, which was endorsed by former president Thabo Mbeki and was a BEE policy framework developed by the Oppenheimers, Ramaphosa, through the so-called ‘New Deal’, shows how some ANC leaders continue to undermine the black intelligentsia and business when it comes to economic policy formulation.

As things change, the more they stay the same. We are back to 2003 where Jewish financiers want to impose a market oriented economic framework.Are ANC members prepared to be led by a group of people who continue to show contempt to the sovereignty of the South African economy, its currency and citizens.

Are you willing to sign a faustian pact with the devil in order to spite Zuma? As ANC members, how do you allow corporate South Africa to decide a leader for you? Have you taken time to ask what they want in return from Ramaphosa?

Always remember the pact with the devil always has a disastrous ending. Are you willing to sell out the soul of the ANC to our historical enemy? The choice is yours, but history will be the judge.”

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