Ramaphosa Plan About Looting Billions From NHI

Corruption is like Cancer. The More it spreads, more its takes a nation’s future into darkness. In the same context,the recent announcement of Cyril Ramaphosa declaring himself getting off from any further direct participation in a company’s financial stakes, is a very big trick. This can further be proved by his brother Douglas’s description from the report of Cyril Ramaphosa’s shadow venture capitalism. This capitalism was worth billions and finds a way to help Douglas to prove that it was a cheated one. A book “After Mandela: The Struggle for Freedom in Post-Apartheid South Africa” was written by Douglas Foster clearly shows the nepotism act made by the Cyril Ramaphosa family in the politics of South Africa.

Ramaphosa Brothers

The mainstream media knows only a little about the Douglas, Cyril’s secret brother. Because they always used to keep his families corporate and political interest secretly and shows a well-crafted profile to the media. Douglas was a former executive of corporate and held key positions as well as board memberships in many white corporations and SOE’s. He also commands to a network of white industrials and political leaders as well.

The contacts made by the brothers Douglas and Cyril Ramaphosa to the key corporate and the political heads made them increase it much more leverages. This made them receive finance from the other states and worth billions of finance into their family in a secret manner. Then Douglas has a whole control over the key corporate and the board membership and the proof for this are attached herewith.

Douglas Role and Position In The Altron Group:

Altron Group

At present, Douglas is the CEO of Bytes Healthcare Solutions which is a group of Bytes Technology Ltd and it is the holding company of business conglomerate Altron Group. Since, Altron Group is a huge as well as diverse business portfolio that includes multiple sectors such as Altron power Altron TMT, Altron TMT Telecomms and Altron TMT Information Technology. The Bytes Healthcare Solutions has two units such as Med-e-mass and Mediswitch represents the Altron Group in health care services.

The Plan Made By Them To Loot NHI:


Investigation shows that the Altron Group and its subsidiaries such as Byte Technology Group allow them to get a support in NHI by giving healthcare management to them.  This helps them in managing the healthcare insurance which will be efficient with the help of Mediswitch and this is occurring currently.  The National Health Insurance (NHI) was started in 2012 and it is defined as the healthcare financing system.The NHI is designed to provide funds for health care for universal health coverage of South Africans.

 Initially, the Jacob Zuma policy provides right to all the South Africans to access the healthcare through the NHI card across the clinics, hospitals as well as private health practitioners. Then it is planned to tender the NHI to a cloud computing platform which is built, owned as well as operated by a vendor corporation. Then the government will tender the NHI to the vendor to operate the NHI and it becomes the dream project for most of the IT companies because of the scope, size, and scale of the project.

From the above scenario, it is clear that the economy and the state is captured by the Ramaphosa brothers and leaking billions from the NHI balance sheet by converting the public welfare project into private for more gain.

Initially, this story was covered by wmcleaks : Corrupt Cyril Ramaphosa Plans to Loot Billions from NHI via Secretive Brother Douglas Ramaphosa

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