Ramaphosa Brothers: The “Corrupt and Dirty’ Nexus befooling masses and looting billions

The Following article is in reference to a story published on News Website WMC Leaks on 19 Nov 2017.

Everyone in the country is well aware about the dirty intentions and strategies of the WMC’s most beloved Cyril Ramaphosa. Whilst the ANC’s presidential race is reaching its climax, he is perfectly capable of influencing most of the members of ANC (through unfair means) and their respective branches to vote for him instead. Moreover, his tactics involve wooing people to further fortify his candidature as the next President of South Africa. While most people thinks that this is as low as the man can get, the Deputy President has more dirt in his kitty that is yet to be uncovered.

Ramaphosa Brothers

It’s worth mentioning here that while Cyril Ramaphosa has declared earlier in a public meeting that he has made an exit from all of his businesses and further handed over his stakes in several Shanduka companies in the regulated sectors (banking, mining, etc.) to his closest peer and longtime friend Phuthuma Nhleko, who has previously served as MTN’s CEO. Is this another hoax? Yes! Cyril Ramaphosa has lied again. The reality on the other side claims that he just shifted his work to be taken care of by hardcore professionals while controlling it silently from the back with the help of his brother Douglas Ramaphosa.

The News website quoted saying that “This report is based on a detailed investigation and analysis of available media reports, and interviews of people close to the Ramaphosa brothers, Phuthuma Nhleko and some key employees of Cyril’s companies and foundations. Our analysis exposes the unholy nexus of Cyril Ramaphosa and his brother Douglas Ramaphosa and how they intend to use the willing stooges, Phuthuma Nhleko and the trustees managing the “blind trusts,” to make sure that Cyril keeps benefiting from his businesses even after having “divested” his stake in them or put them in those “blind trusts.”

The Website further added that they will be unleashing more truth about the Ramaphosa brothers in their upcoming articles and whilst Cyril is still playing as the main character behind this whole drama, Douglas is just been the “Silent” man taking care of all his corrupt activities and dealings.

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