Peter Hain Abruptly Resigns From African Potash – A Master Ploy Of Johann Rupert

Talking about South Africa (a country of the Black), it has been noticed that whites are very aggressive to capture black’s land. And the situation has reached a point where they just want their dirty deeds to be completed, by hook or crook. On a daily basis, new twists are fashioned, just as the news of Peter Hain’s resignation is revealed in the news.

Peter Hain, who is an anti-apartheid and traitor, has recently gained the attention of South African people for his amateur tries to make the FBI, SIS, and CIA involved, investigating the Guptas and the Zuma’s riding. What he is trying to do, is state capture, under the white media propaganda. Yes, we are talking about WMC vocalist Peter Hain, who is led by the Johann Rupert. He is violently speaking against the Guptas and the President, Zuma and even claiming them for state capture with the allegations of corruption and international money laundering.

Peter Hain

Know about Peter Hain’s scam of £100,000

The most interesting thing, about Peter Hain is that he himself is engaged in getting an illicit donation of around 100,000 Euros through his political campaign named “Progressive Policies Forum”. It is nothing but a shell organization, which neither employs staff nor has published any work right from its commencement in December 2006. This is the only reason that he is forced to resign on the immediate basis, just to save his party from all the embarrassments.

Peter’s action against the Guptas and the Zuma:

Now, this corrupt person is trying to poke his nose in South Africa’s official matters. Actually, he is actively trying to get UK and USA authorities involved in the internal matters of South Africa, and even daring to ask them to investigate the President of South Africa.

As it’s very obvious, that Peter Hain is doing all this only for some benefits, like he is continuously paid with a big amounts in order to get fake army to hide all his scam by his leader Johann Rupert. With full support from Rupert, Peter Hain is raising such fake propaganda, in addition to create noise widely, with an intention to accomplish a complete supremacy in the nation. Further, his recent abrupt resignation on November 6, 2017 from the post of Non-executive Director at African Potash with a reason of increased workload may also raise doubts on his behavior.

Why Peter Hain resigns his post:

The main reason why Peter Hain resigned from his post of non-executive director from the AFPO is to avoid the exposure of his corruption, which was conducted under his supervision when he was working in AFPO. If we specifically go through the reason, we find that Peter Hain has not enough time to look after the company matters. But on the other hand, he has almost all the time to be active on Twitter by posting derogatory and defamatory tweets against the Guptas and the President, Jacob Zuma.

Peter Hain is remunerated in millions on behalf of Johaan Rupert:

Some trusted sources reveal that millions of Rands are being paid to Peter Hain by Johann Rupert to work for him. His duty is to target the Guptas and the Zuma and to push SIS and FBI for investigation, regarding their alleged involvement in international money laundering and state capture. By influencing the UK based SIS and the US-based FBI, he is actively engaged in working along with them so as to damage and conquers the government led by Jacob Zuma.

Role of White Media in Peter’s Resignation:

Even the white media maintained silence instead of commenting on the resignation of Peter Hain from the African Potash. Needless to say, they are often manipulated remotely by Johann Rupert, who has 93% of free media in South Africa. So, white media actively works for white tycoons rather than people or their benefits. In short, it is clear that Peter Hain is simply a coward, who resigned his designation to just escape from corruption charges.

Initially, this story was covered by Wmc Leaks : Peter Hain’s Resignation From African Potash A Johann Rupert Master Ploy

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  1. The true reality of WMC and its peers have now been exposed. They just do what they can and what they always think about.

    • Peter hain is just one of the many stooges of WMC who are serving them day in day out to solve their selfish motives by looting the country’s resources.

  2. Why you guys can’t see the doings of Guptas and why u doesn’t cover that from your end, Hope my comment will not be deleted.

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