BLF March against DA

BLF Confronts DA On “Abuse Of Power” Charges

DA has been thrashed across by every aspect of the society in the country for their Illegal Protest march against the Guptas Home in Saxonworld. As per the report in the Sunday independent, it’s been stated that DA has overruled every regulation and law to secure the permission of marching…Read More
KPMG Fired

KPMG Fired by Waste Management Company, South Africa

The Fate of KPMG in South Africa seems like going in tatters, its everyday bringing a bad news in one or another form for the renowned Auditing Firm. The latest addition in the list is Interwaste, a Johannesburg-based company involved in the disposal and recycling of waste from mines and…Read More
BLF and Johann Rupert

BLF to open protest against Johann Rupert

WMC along with its allies has almost plagued the whole country by entering deep into its veins down. It has been proven that any further delay in stopping this “Epidemic” would result in further economical damage and may lead to further Financial and Moral Casualties to the country. BLF, being…Read More
BLF March against KPMG

BLF to Protest against KPMG over SARS Report Withdrawal

KPMG has been thoroughly criticized and thrashed by almost every section of the society, for its recent withdrawal of SARS report under the major influence of WMC and its boss Johann rupert. Now, BLF has decided to teach KPMG a lesson by confronting them in court and to open enquiries…Read More
EFF and DA

DA and EFF, Violent Attack Against Blacks In Lenasia

South Africa, a country where White-black fight is more than the people living in the country. People, over there, are fighting for their rights, their jobs, their food and now for their land too. Lenesia, formerly racially-segregated Indian township south of Soweto in Gauteng Province, South Africa. It is part…Read More