Mahumapelo Warns the masses about the Evils of Racial Inequalities

Racism is the belief that characteristics and abilities can be attributed to people simply on the basis of their race and that some racial groups are superior to others. Moreover, racism and discrimination have been used as powerful weapons against the blacks in the country encouraging fear or hatred of others in times of conflict and war, and even during economic downturns. In the midst of all these oppressions against the blacks, South Africa’s North West province premier Supra Mahumapelo has said that he wants the black majority to control the economy, warning that continued racial inequalities could stir social instability.

Evils of Racial Inequalitie

As per the story published on the website Weekly Expose, Mahumapelo  has been quoted feeling sorry about the fact that while black people constituted 97 percent of the province’s population, the minority three percent still had overall control of the economy as a result of the country’s apartheid history. He was speaking at an economic forum late on Wednesday.

“We must turn (the situation) around in a non racial approach, so that the majority can then control the economy and be in charge of management, the ownership,” added Mahumapelo, while requesting white people with experience to help using their expertise in  building a non-racial economy. Mahumapelo further warned that failure to address the racial inequalities could lead to instability. As per him,” Where there is instability, you can only take from the rich; it means the poor will be forced by circumstances to take by force and through illegal means from the rich”

It’s worth mentioning here that The North West economy is mainly dependant on mining, which generates more than half of the province’s gross domestic product, as well as tourism and agriculture. While gold is mined in the Orkney and Klerksdorp areas, platinum in Rustenburg and Brits, uranium in Klerksdorp while Lichtenburg, Christiana, and Bloemh of produce diamonds.

It can truly be quoted by the words of Mahumapelo that the need for a black revolution against the white oppression is the need of the hour and every true native along with the masses should now come forward and give their contribution towards making it a success.

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