Julius Malema, The “WMC” Wolf in the Skin of a Black Native

Julius Malema has always projected himself as a true leader of the black natives. However, it is quite evident that he keeps working for Johann Rupert and his WMC allies behind the scenes. Over the years Malema and his EFF have fooled the masses in the guise of economic development and income equality, which was supposed to be their main agenda. It must be noted that Malema, a former ANC member, was thrown out of the party few years back due to his rebellious nature. Many believe that could be the  reason behind his working against the ANC and all the pro-black organizations.

Julius Malema

It’s worth mentioning here that it is the same Julius Malema, who said in one of his interviews to HuffingtonPost SA in 2016 that “The White South Africans will stand to benefit from the EFF’s land policies”. He further quoted that “Whites stand to benefit from it. Why? Because, South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white. Whites have naturalized in this country. We cannot imagine South Africa without white people. There’s no white person who is going to be driven into the sea.”  The EFF leader seems to have forgotten that all the true natives are still, working for the black people’s rights and fighting to get back their land that has been hijacked by the whites since the apartheid era. The Fact that (Malema is supporting) the white’s claims on the country’s economy through his illogical comments, is quite shameful.

How Julius Malema performs as a Wolf in the Skin of a Black Native

Moreover, this is the same Malema, who recently suspended 6 city counselors based on the order of his Foreign boss Lord Renwick. This clearly confirms how big a “White Loyalist” he is. Therefore, it is now the duty of every true black native to reject this “WMC Puppet” in every possible manner, be it politics or from the society. He really doesn’t deserve to be in this country and must join his bosses outside this land. This would at least allow us to get rid of all the “In House Termites” who are eating our country from within using support from the While mafia king Johan Rupert and let us live peacefully in the pursuit of our journey towards the Radical Economic Transformation.

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