Jacques Pauw under the Scanner of Investigative Agencies for depicting Fake Facts

The Book “President’s keeper” has claimed to be a wistle blower to expose the corrupt deeds of President Zuma but the ploy got backfired amidst the revelations that Pravin Gordhan, the former finance minister was the main mind behind the content of this book. Moreover, Sunday Independent editor Steve Motale has now supported the Investigations to reveal details about the so called “Reliable sources” which he used while defaming President Zuma in his book, ”The President’s Keepers”.

Jacques Pauw and Pravin Gordhan

As per an article published on News24 website, Emails from the publication to those alleged sources – which include former finance minister Pravin Gordhan, former intelligence head, Moe Shaik and former SARS officials Ivan Pillay and Johann van Loggerenberg – detail questions around their relationship with Pauw, and what information they apparently gave him.Moreover,as per a telephonic conversation with the news website, Steve motale said ,” Listen here, those questions were sent to specific people. They were not meant for you. That is my comment”. Meanwhile, the Writer Jacques Pauw has started his Blame games by saying that his sources were well reliable and this is a conspiracy against him. He further said that “Motale has approached him to write a book which Motale has confirmed as an act before President’s Keeper was published. He further said that,” As usual, they are always conniving with white-owned media. You people are being used to fight the political battle. I am not fighting a political battle here; I am just doing my job. As usual, when I sent them questions they always know where to run to – Media24. It is one of their safest places to run to whenever questions are sent to them,”

It’s worth mentioning here that The President’s Keepers, which was launched in October, was full of Fake facts and figures to defame President Zuma and his Developmental acts for the nation. Moreover, South Africa Revenue Service (SARS) and the State Security Agency (SSA) has summoned the Author and the publication for the same too and the so called “Reliable sources “are also been checked over. Meanwhile, Pauw and News24 investigative journalist Pieter-Louis Myburgh, who have both been involved in the publishing of the book which was totally based on the approach ‘Let’s Bring Down Zuma and South Africa”, have been summoned to a meeting at a police station, as per the news website report. The letter to Nws24 lawyer was titled “criminal investigations” and had the names of both reporters on it. The Letter quotes. “Despite your undertakings to do so (cooperate in the investigation) your clients have failed to cooperate and I will have to resort to the necessary legal avenues unless they present themselves to me at my offices at Durban North Police Station or a police station close to the airport in Johannesburg, The tone of your letter is indicative that you have no intention to cooperate with the police. In your previous emails to our office, you promised [to] tender your full cooperation to the police”

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