Intentional Provocation By Stefaans Brummer and Sam Sole Busted

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With such huge efforts to make hue and cry about guptas family or guptaleaks, the journalist Sam Sole headed white media had botched to manage their activeness in order to continue their assaults on Guptas.  But this idea is not working for the time and so to overcome this defeat, they had come with new trick to increase their activeness to a higher level. For this purpose, they carried out an event with pre-planned act of provocation via a disguised agenda for beginning the “” website at Braamfontein, Johannesburg on July 27, 2017.

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It is very obvious and give a clear idea that this is another effort to divert people of south Africa in a pre-panned propaganda by WMC against Guptas, but every strategy has come to an end to defame them as many of people of south Africa has come to know the truth behind decade old fake news and propaganda by white media

But this time, they have shown themselves as victim in the whole plan regarding act of provocation. Here are some few lines of incidents which reveal the actual evil intension of WMC beneath this event, ensuring that all events were pre-planned.

  • The Idea Behind Sympathy Seeking Letter Gone Wrong

At last, amaBhungane got broken through his own game. They forgot to change the declaration date which was mentioned as 18th July 2017 but the actual incident takes place on 27th July 2017.

amaBhungane fake news

This activity ensures that it is nothing but another plan that they had previously prepared and strategized on 18th July 2017. This incident justifies the proverb to amaBhugane: “Adversity Kills Intelligence”.

  • Stefaans Brummer-Intentional Provocation Act

Masters of Propaganda is now concentrating on childish acts.

During the event, amaBhugane co-founder Stefaans Brummer attempted to irritate BLF head, Andile Mngxitama via some anti-national comments; because he knows already that a person with patriotic views can be irritated through this act.

This whole act was seem to be a predetermined agenda and they had recorded everything through mobile but blamed BLF for using violence during the event.

The video was taken intentionally taken from backdrop of Stefaans provocation and Andile responding to it. The cameraman might be informed previously regarding this provocation act, which justifies by the camera position in right place at right time.

  • Merriment Expression Of Ferial Haffajee Reveals Her Victim

Usually the victim express fear during violence but master propagandist Ferial Haffajee has been smiling during the time of video recording. Since, everything was going as per her white-buddies plan, which she unknowingly revealed before video.

Ferial Tweet

Incongruously, she managed to shoot the entire event on her mobile, while she was bearing the attack of BLF. Ferial Enjoyed while shooting the whole event.

These incidents denote the evil reputation of WMC, since we know very well that they can go to any extreme level, but act like this was not predicated by us. These propagandas was failed badly for them which they might not expect for.

Certainly, this is a new barrage from their propaganda machine, as they got failed with their earlier efforts to insult guptas. Initially, this story was covered by Wmc Leaks : AmaBhungane’s BLF Stint Busted; Stefaans Intentional Provocation

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