The Illegal acts of Peter Bruce, financially backed by DA and EFF

Dirty intentions of WMC stooges have often caused this country so much harm that whatever progress gets on board becomes too nominal to cover the damage. Reports published by News Website WMCLeaks confirm that Peter Bruce, the Editor at the Times Media Group, has conspired big time against the country’s financial and Economic interests with the help of its political partners: the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Peter Bruce - DA and EFF

As per the report, it’s been said that WMC’s master tactical ploy to undermine President Jacob Zuma and his RET policies is solely reliant on a strategic nexus of these opposition parties, along with the whole white media led by its crusader ‘Peter Bruce’, who have developed a racket of agenda mouthpieces in order to push false political propaganda against the government into various quarters of mainstream media. The Democratic Alliance has always served WMC factions while calling themselves as a pro blacks party. The EFF too has mocked DA’s ways to support Johann Rupert and his puppets on one hand and proclaiming themselves as the People’s party on the other. The Fake agenda being marketed by both of them while supporting WMC truly expose their true reality. The News Website claims to have the documents which reveal the planned conspiracies by the nexus among Peter Bruce, the WMC lobby, DA and EFF.

It’s been further stated in the report that Peter Bruce along with his internal journo team consisting of Sikonathi Mantshansha, Jika Thanduxolo, Carlos Amato and Qaanitah Hunter have been instructed to carry on the marketing of fake facts and reports against the Gupta family favoring  DA and EFF. These four journalists have been seen making regular interactions with DA and EFF members as a part of the marketing strategy of fake agenda by both the parties.

WMC’s funding Peter Bruce for Defaming Guptas

Its worth mentioning here that the bank account statements and credit card balance details of Peter brice suggest that he manage accounts in several banks. The News Website claims to have access to a set of financial correspondence and private emails that suggest that Peter Bruce has accepted handsome amounts for writing false narratives against the Gupta family. The payments have then been segregated into different bank accounts operated by Peter Bruce. Bruce further uses these bank accounts to cover up the source of these payments which is EFF & DA leaders. His Financial details doesn’t really reveal the true picture of all the Illicit wealth he possesses out of his Illegal and corrupt acts.

Peter Bruce Journalists

The emails further provides proofs of Bruce having a meeting with DA nd EFF leaders at local places to accept the “under table money, expensive liquor and token gestures in kind”. He has received further financial assistance of various natures by them too which includes huge sums of housing debts and Auto finance. Moreover,Bruce don’t just operate all his money via bank accounts and cash. The Report also confirms that EFF & DA party leaders have gifted Bruce shares of several WMC companies under their influence. He has further distributed the shares among the four associated journalists who work for him to divert and hide the source of the income he received from EFF and DA.

Bruce’s dirty Gang

The documents possessed by the News website furnish the information about bank accounts, credit card balances and shares held in WMC companies, by all of the four Journalist- Sikonathi Mantshansha, Jika Thanduxolo, Carlos Amato and Qaantiah Hunter. The only motive of this group of WMC journalists is to defame the gupta family and Market the fake propaganda by  EFF & DA.Each of the journalists have said to be having inside connections with various people inside EFF and DA.The list of all the connections within DA and EFF goes as follows:

Sikonathi Mantashansha

Sikonathi Mantashansha, the Deputy Editor of the Financial Mail is the right hand to Peter Bruce. Sikonathi, with his close links with current mayor of Johannesburg   Herman Mashaba and Mzimkulu Malunga, a former employee at BDFM publishers, make required contribution towards structuring the political story of EFF to Sunday Times and financial mail. Sikonathi also own shares for the companies managed by Herman Mashaba. He also receives political and financial assistance from DA.

Jika Thanduxolo

Jika Thanduxolo, Sunday Times writer, is the main hand behind all the content which gets published in Bruce’s Ideological stories for his fake agenda. His insiders list in DA and EFF consists of Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, and Secretary General Godrich Gardee respectively.

Carlos Amato

Carlos Amato, another Sunday Times writer, brought DA’s propaganda into picture due to his close connections within the party His gang of secret insiders are supported further by an investigative journalist Jika Thanduxolo who is currently employed at  Daily Dispatch newspaper and also writes for the Sunday Times.

Qaanitah Hunter

Qaanitah Hunter is a political journalist associated the Sunday Times and a close ally of Phumzile Van Damme, the national spokesperson of DA. She is the main mind behind the false Gupta/Zuma conspiracy theories which are further aimed to market WMC fake agenda into the country.

Media has always been termed as a second pillar to the democracy and while people like Peer Bruce bring this to the new low just in the hunger of more money, he doesn’t even spare a thought about the interest of the nations which gave him his Bread and butter and also a place to thrive in. Such stooges shall be dealt with utmost rejections across every aspect of the society.

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