A Deep insight into How Ramaphosa brothers befooled SA along with Sipho Pityana

It was in the year 2014 when Cyril Ramaphosa had declared his comeback in the South African politics. While many around thought this as a new kick start to his Political career from the scratch, the Reality was totally different. As per the report Published by WMCLeaks website on Dec 4 2017, Its been quoted that By 2014 Cyril Ramaphosa did involve his brother Douglas Ramaphosa to head his business empire. It’s worth mentioning here that while Ramaphosa was preparing for his ANC Presidential campaign last year, his close friend and peer  Sipho Pityana started spreading fake rumors and initiating Smear campaigns against Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family under the name of #SaveSA and #Corruptionwatch. While this covered up the befooling of masses by Ramaphosa in terms of him leaving his business, it further allowed him to join the Politics without any disruption.

Ramaphosa Brothers Pityana

It must be noted that while Ramaphosa made a Re-Entry into the Political Fraternity, his brother took over his business silently without anyone around making a notice of it. On the other hand, the #SaveSA and #Corruptionwatch campaigns acted in favor of Ramphosa brothers as it was already making hues and cried via supportive White media houses to further dent the reputation of Jacob Zuma and the Guptas. The widespread coverage of the same by the White media house cleared the path for Cyril Ramaphosa to further cherish his political ambitions of being the next ANC President while his brother continues to operate his business in a smooth and silent manner.

It’s worth mentioning here that Cyril’s business was always supported financially, tactically and legally by the WMC corporate lobby. In fact it was the same WMC lobby which proved vital in giving a boost to Cyrils’s business empire since the days of the Anglo American Corporation deal. The same support continued in the coming years via Cyril’s undertaking at Lonmin and Shanduka along with many other companies. This can further be regarded as a mutual pact between WMC and Ramaphosa brothers where both the parties must have agreed to work in a combined manner to benefit their own purposes without interfering into each other’s business. Ramaphosa may not be allowed to breach this pact and further been pushed to safeguard WMC’s point of interests while going through with his Political Journey and in return he got all the support from the WMC lobby in whatsoever manner required.

Economy and Electorate Capture

It must be noted that Douglas Ramaphosa is currently serving as a head of various executive committees and board memberships of Altron Group, a giant WMC diversified business corporation with interests in diverse verticals and access to SOE contracts. Cyril’s way to the ANC’s top positions was only based on breaking people’s trust in Jacob Zuma. This type of Smear campaign against the president was totally focused on diverting people’s attention from the corrupt intentions of Ramaphosa brothers,while marketing the fake WMC propaganda through the WMC financed #SaveSA and #Corruptionwatch campaigns ran by  Sipho Pityana. The #Save SA has done its best to utilize White media’s marketing tactics to further defame President Zuma and the Guptas without having any ground evidence against them.

Moreover, Douglas Ramaphosa and Sipho Pityana also shares common business interests in two companies namely the Altron Group and Izingwe Holdings. While Sipho Pityana serves as a director across Altron Group subsidiaries and holding companies along with Douglas Ramaphosa, the majority of the executive committee members and directors of Altron’s SBU portfolio are whites, which ultimately proves WMC’s monetary support #SaveSA campaign. Moreover, Douglas is already prepared to capture big state contracts with the support of his Brother Cyril once he comes to power.

Sipho Pityana and Douglas Ramaphoa

The Bottom-line is that while Cyril Ramaphosa is intended to go through his political ambitions without disturbing his business operations, he is further aimed towards bringing the South African economy under his control and then rules this nation with the help of WMC for the coming years. While this would bring power and money into his kitty, it will throw the Common People’s interest into a Dark hole of Uncertainty.

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