The History of White Media and its “Unethical” Journalism

It was since the evolution of the Apartheid era, that the corruptive intentions of WMC have been covered quite efficiently by their supportive White Media. While these media houses pledge to serve only the real and unbiased news to its viewers and readers, they continue to bring down the standards for the role of media in a country’s overall development. While this seems like another way of marketing the fake propaganda of their white bosses, the truth as always come out on the open, sooner or later.

WMC Paid Media

It’s been quite early; but the Media (White media house) has confirmed their beloved Cyril Ramaphosa as the clear winner in the ANC Presidential race. Their supportive channels and news websites has started publishing and broadcasting content depicting Cyril Ramaphosa as the next ANC President, even when the delegates from all the provinces are yet to vote at the ANC Elective Conference and only then it will be decided that who will stand on the podium for the party. They are doing nothing but just diverting the minds and attention of the masses towards the irrelevant fake facts and figures so that their bosses would be able to materialize their selfish purposes

It’s worth mentioning here that the same White Media has been criticized earlier for its unethical acts of slinging mud towards their party members and President Zuma. Their unlawful act has even got them a battery at the hands of the Russian Presidency, where the White Media alleged them to be involved with President Zuma in corruptive acts. It can therefore be said that these media houses are determined to defame everyone who is supporting Radical Economic Transformation. Therefore it’s now evident that every citizen of the country shall stop giving further attention to these fake media houses so that they would get lesser number of people to reach to. This, in turn, will lower their revenues and would teach them the lesson that whatever they are marketing and publishing in the name of news, is nothing but a piece of “dirt”, which they keep slinging on everyone who stands against their fake propaganda.

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