Ferial haffajee’s Incompetent effort to Save Ramaphosa

WMC and allies seems like going insane after one of their Peers  Ramaphosa  proved guilty in having an extramarital affairs with not one or two, but 8 Womens. The Alliance really have “Nowhere to Escape” kind of situation when their highly proclaimed future president candidate and  current deputy Prsident is under fire for his alleged dirty acts after a set of leaked emails from his personal accounts  has been exposed and even Ramaphosa accepted to be indulged in the same.

Ferial Haffajee

In The wake of such a massive expose,WMC and their stooges along with their media allies seems like losing their senses completely and that’s the reason why they now taking a defensive approach in a quest to save their Beloved Ramaphosa out of fear of their Boss Johan Rupert.

Same can be further concluded after seeing some of the frustrated comments and tweets by renowned WMC loyalist and White Journalist Ferial Haffajee in defense of Ramaphosa, where she has literally crossed all the boundaries of Illogical theories along supported with big time Silly facts.

Dumbness Personified: Ferial Termed Ramaphosa Emails as a “Misinformation”.

Following are one of her tweets where she quoted Ramaphosa leaked emails as a “Misinformation” .She might have ignored the fact that the same has been exposed by none other than Steve Motale, Sunday Independent Editor and well known former ally of WMC lobby.

She don’t even know the difference between “Polygamy and Infidelity”!  At least her tweets confirm the same.

Ferial certainly doesn’t seems like knowing the  difference between the words Polygamy and Infidelity. Her Illogical quotation of this whole saga as a “Polygamy” stint confirms her state of mind and taking a note of this mental situation of her, it’s really shocking to know that she is an Editor in chief of a renowned Media house. Following is her tweet in regards to the same.

She must have mentioned “defame the Guptas by Hook or By crook” as her favorite pastime in her Curriculum Vitae.

She again went beyond her limits in linking this whole expose  with the Guptas which certainly seems like her favorite topic to argue about in recent times. This could again be taken as a stupid act of diverting the focus of the masses from the subject as she really don’t have any strong facts based logic to safeguard  the sweetheart of WMC lobby ,Ramaphosa. Her Frustration on the same is quite visible and evident in the following tweets..

This now seems quite evident  that all these tweets are in the wake of  the fury shown by WMC boss Johan Rupert on his white Journalists team for not been able to defend Cyril Ramaphosa and Ferial’s tweets and replies further justifies her frustration and incompetency towards inability to perform as accordingly.

Initially, this story was covered by Huffingtonpost : Ferial Haffajee: The Sex Scandal Won’t Kill Ramaphosa

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