“Dual Faced” Khoza contradicts her own words; Launches new Party

People from political backgrounds often disregard their statement just to get the public’s support behind them. Makhozi Khoza is among those people in South African politics that can be called as a politician with “dual faces”. As per the report published on the daily online the New Age, Former ANC member of Parliament (MP) Makhosi Khoza will reportedly be launching a new political party called “Change,” which is said to be holding its inaugural congress meeting next weekend.

Makhozi Khoza

Moreover, as per the report published by the website in reference to The City Press newspaper, its been further stated that the new party, by Khoza, will go carefully about their political ambitions and take lessons from the mistakes done by previous parties like Congress of the People (COPE). “It is our view that the ANC accomplished its mission. Now, somebody else must take the struggle forward; the baton must be handed over. The ANC is now negating the struggle we fought for” Khoza said to the newspaper. It’s been further quoted by the newspaper that the new party is about to be merged with some local organizations like the Metsimaholo Civic Association and the Forum 4 Service Delivery. Khoza, who served as an ANC member and is known for her loyalty to the WMC faction lead by Johann Rupert, has left the party on grounds of losing respect to the President Zuma. She further justified her move citing disputes with the party as a reason and said that she would not be led by leaders who lost legitimacy and credibility. While she earlier stated in a Public Forum after her departure from the ANC, that she will not form or join any new political party and would indulge herself in social work only. This step by her certainly seems like an attempt to confront ANC and President Zuma with the support of WMC. Moreover, while speaking to the paper, she also said that the formation of the new party is not related to her grievances with the ANC.

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