Cyril Ramaphosa Compromises with WMC For Just $900 Million

In South Africa, most of the ethnic blacks are often dominated by the hands of WMC. And among corrupt WMC politicians, Cyril Ramaphosa (one of the richest men) ranks fifth in the African national congress. Recently, Ramaphosa, a black traitor, compromises a deal with a big tycoon of WMC, named Nicholas Oppenheimer. This article explains you the uncut story of the compromising deal between Nicholas Oppenheimer and Cyril Ramaphosa, which negotiates the hopes of native blacks, in addition to placing Cyril Ramaphosa over the bridge connecting white monopoly capital with the real estate capture.

Ramaphosa and Oppenheimers

Sucking blood of innocent blacks:

WMC tycoon Nicholas Oppenheimer is trying to capture the state. His strategic goal is to criticize mid-income ethnic blacks and in turn, make them lure into the opportunism of economic liberation. The reason, behind this strategic intent, was to assure status quo for white monopoly capitalist even in the post-apartheid era. It further assures WMC to be succeeded by the Rainbow Nation, which benefits whites a lot. This offer gets that much importance from the given below twin perspectives:

  • Anglo American corporation, which is accounted for around 25% of GDP in South Africa in 1996
  • A compromising deal of $900 million between Cyril Ramaphosa and Nicholas Oppenheimer.

Making false dreams among blacks:

Cyril Ramaphosa accepts an offer from Nicholas Oppenheimer with an intention, to protect the interests of WMC lobby and the Anglo American Corporation. Whites take the flesh by leaving bones with the innocent ethnic blacks. This will be assured through the given-below twin strategic plank:

  • Share ownership with no management control:

The main intention of this share ownership is to choose black influential devoid of yielding any management control. This simply means that ethnic blacks will have their cake, yet not able to eat it. WMC and some selected corrupt black beneficiaries are engaged in this strategic alliance leaving the blacks as subordinate allies.

  • Scanned investor profile for blacks:

Cyril Ramaphosa received a law graduate degree using an Urban Foundation Scholarship by sidelining leaders, including Thabo Mbeki as the leader of National Empowerment Consortium. The urban foundation was led by the Oppenheimer, who sowed the seeds of aspirants to get a lucrative business career.  WMC choose Cyril Ramaphosa as a man bestowed with a weak moral character. The personal aspirations of Ramaphosa were found to be dearer to WMC instead of the intention of NDR to set up a classless society for the sake of blacks.

Co-operating mid-class blacks for state capture:

WMC targeted to state capture by means of a systematic approach of electoral factionalism and the bank purchase of political votes. The WMC was planned to purchase the votes of middle-class blacks by making them dream about economic progress and growth as a reward for joining hands with WMC. This allows WMC to legally maintain a secret corporate ownership within the companies.

Johnnic’s undervalued stake sale:

Once the WMC was led by the boss of Anglo American Corporation, Nicholas Oppenheimer was sure that he had Cyril Ramaphosa with him. So, they have come up with an alternative strategic process for the purpose of stake sale in Johnnic Holdings Ltd. When Cyril Ramaphosa rises to power, the black infants in the SA continue to die due to hunger, malnutrition, disease, and poverty.

Initially, this story was covered by wmcleaks  : How Cyril Ramaphosa Went On To Sell His Soul to The Oppenheimers For $900 Million

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  1. What else is left in his kitty to do for us?? He is a corrupt leader,a womanizer,a WMC stooge.I say No vote Ramaphosa !

    • True, How can our Daughters be safe with this Womanizer being the president? How could our country be safe with this corrupt person being the president?

  2. He is a sellout,a womanizer,a corrupt politician. I am literally running out of words for his praise.

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