White Owned Media

BLF Warning About American Empire & White-Owned Media

A press meet was conducted yesterday to discuss number of issues happening in the country. It includes the information regarding recolonization of South Africa which has been done by the USA and Britain. Andle Mngxitama, the president of BLF conducted this conference and he explained about the fear of the…Read More

DA is Again Trashed By ANC

Every day brings a new twist and turn in the battle ground of the south African politics, where the dirty deeds of WMC and its stooges continues  on one side and the efforts by the true natives of the country to safeguards the interests of the masses goes on the…Read More
BLF March against DA

BLF Confronts DA On “Abuse Of Power” Charges

DA has been thrashed across by every aspect of the society in the country for their Illegal Protest march against the Guptas Home in Saxonworld. As per the report in the Sunday independent, it’s been stated that DA has overruled every regulation and law to secure the permission of marching…Read More
EFF and DA

DA and EFF, Violent Attack Against Blacks In Lenasia

South Africa, a country where White-black fight is more than the people living in the country. People, over there, are fighting for their rights, their jobs, their food and now for their land too. Lenesia, formerly racially-segregated Indian township south of Soweto in Gauteng Province, South Africa. It is part…Read More