BLF Warning About American Empire & White-Owned Media

A press meet was conducted yesterday to discuss number of issues happening in the country. It includes the information regarding recolonization of South Africa which has been done by the USA and Britain. Andle Mngxitama, the president of BLF conducted this conference and he explained about the fear of the American or the Anglo imperialism. He fears that after that South Africa will move towards the radical economic transformation.  Since the fear of USA makes it stronger to do further attack.

White Owned Media

Mngxitama probed that the lies of white media are believed by the black masses. He also noted that the white media was meant for capturing states and deliberately linked it to Zuma and Gupta for their captures. Since he raised a question that the Guptas do not own even 1% of the economy, then how it is possible for them to capture South Africa?

He further said that the state capture tool cleverly fools the people by not allowing them to note down that the big capture of state is WMC and that White Monopoly Capital(WMC) controls 90% of the economy. Because of this, WMC shows that only the Guptas capture the state because whites want to enter in the state and will destroy it as per their benefit. They also invented lies so as to keep the economy in white hands.

Steve Biko’s new famous quote also said that the weapon will be on the oppressed people to tackle this problem. Where, the white media is delivering his speeches so as to protect their leaders such as White Monopoly Capital and Anglo American Empire.

“Black people have to realize that we are hypnotized by the media of WMC. We have to wake each other up. President Zuma is not the enemy. They have made him the enemy in our minds so that they can stop [radical economic transformation] RET.

Some of the propaganda of the white hands is as follows,

  • Why they are so silent when the information that R60 billion is stolen by WMC from South Africa?
  • What happened to the wealth of Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer and why they are not present in the richest people of South Africa?
  • They also said that KPMG scandal is acting criminally while withdrawing reports that Pravin Gordhan was mafia king. They said that this happened because they have been Gupta auditors.
  • They told that WMC forced the president to appoint Pravin Gordhan in December 2015 so as to protect the country and not to capture.
  • They also said that the invasion made by them to South Africa was also to stand against corruption.

“Once they finish us with propaganda, we become easy meat for colonization,” Mngxitama said.

Initially, this story was covered by Black Opinion : BLF warns about Anglo/American empire and white-owned media propaganda

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