ANC Gauteng confronts former DA Councilor on Fraud Charges

In a shocking turn of events, the ANC in Gauteng has laid fraud charges against former Democratic Alliance Councilor and MMC of Economic Development Sharon Peetz on Tuesday. In an article published on The New Age daily, Peetz is said to have ordered tourism officials at the City of Johannesburg to register Ms. Susan Paterson as an official Jo’burg tourism delegate to attend the IBTM World convention in Barcelonan, Spain (from 29 November 2016 to 1 December 2016). Moreover, Paterson was later found to be Peetz’s mother so this can certainly be regarded as a fraudulent activity which cost the country for about R40000.

Sharon Peetz DA

In the words of ANC Chief Whip Cllr Solly Mogase, “This action that I have taken is consistent with the ANC’s commitment of rooting out corruption within the municipality and all organs of state”. Moreover, Peetz was reportedly been sacked as MMC of economic development by Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba in August, later on. ANC has further blamed the DA for not taking appropriate legal action against Peetz after she got dismissed. In this regards, Mogale further added that, “Even by today the major has not opened up a case, the case was ignored even though Mashaba has been opening cases against other officials. We are surprised that this one has been treated differently”.

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